Monday, September 26, 2011

Becoming Your Own Banker

Nelson Nash's concept of privatized banking discussed in his book Becoming Your Own Banker is intriguing and worth your time to understand.  This concept works on many levels;  building financial security for the future, retirement planning and income, life insurance, and the possibility of creating family generational wealth with your children carrying on with this plan for generations to come.  One of the major advantages of this concept is the ability to borrow your own money back out to use for anything you normally use a loan for, such as buying a house or a car while your policy still makes you money.  Then you pay yourself the interest that you'd normally pay a bank while you recapitalize your "bank account".  Sounds interesting doesn't it.  I've talked with a life insurance agents/friends of mine and they were not aware of the side benefit of this specific life insurance policy and were only aware of the death benefit part of it, which is really a perk to know that your loved ones will be taken care of as well.
So educate yourself if you're interested in learning more about this.  Here's a link to a pdf file that helps you start to understand some of the concepts used as well as some history of the financial system in the US.
get familiar with Nelson Nash's book, the Infinite Banking Concept (IBC), The idea of privatized banking that will free you from using these sick and greedy banks.  Knowledge is power.  Open your mind and find what works best for your financial needs and goals in life.  Who else cares about your financial future? 

Peace and profits to all.