Thursday, March 17, 2011

Book Review: One Good Trade, by Mike Bellafiore

One Good Trade, is one good book about prop trading.  You are sitting with an old friend and listening to his stories when reading this book.  It was certainly hard to put down for me as it read more like a collection of stories on trading wisdom than your typical technical trading book.

Bella invites you to his trading firm and introduces you to his trading family as soon as you enter the book.  He shares his family's endearing qualities that make you feel welcome right away, and connected to Dr Momentum, Franchise, Gman, and Spencer family members to name a few.

The book covers many topics that pertain to Proprietary Trading and how to get into this competitive arena, so if this is an endeavor of yours, this book is a must read.  However, it also talks about the "trade" itself.  You will learn a lot about trading psychology and basic trading setups from the many anecdotes that Bella shares throughout the book each with its sports analogy to drive the point home.

If you are a beginning trader or an advanced one, you will be able to read about yourself and learn how to deal with trading issues you may have/had or those that may pop up every once in a while, and you will learn how to deal with these issues.  The best teacher doesn't teach, the best teacher shares his knowledge with others!  Thank you for sharing Bella and for the Many One Good Trades to come!

Peace and profits to all,

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